Farewell, Little Girl

When you came into my life seven years ago, you were frightened and, to be frank, a bit of a scaredy-cat. I can’t say that I really blame you, because we had never met before the day I came to pick you up from your old home. The weird thing was that you instantly stepped into the cat carrier that I had brought, as if to say that you were ready to move out of your current place and head off onto a new adventure. I think you weren’t that happy there, to be honest. The first hours inside my apartment you didn’t dare leave the carrier and I tried to call you to come out. After some time and a lot of purrsuasion you finally took your first steps. I backed up a little and you ran right back to the start. This continued for a bit, but every time we came a little bit further, until you were at the doorway to the living room.


You were curious, but it was all a bit too much and you decided to play it safe and stay in the other room, where it felt safer. I patiently continued calling you and we made some progress. Later, I went to sleep and hoped that tomorrow would be a better day. When I walked into the living room, I noticed all these little paw prints on the couch! So, you had explored on your own during the night, how brave! It wasn’t until a few weeks later that you ended up owning the entire place and it seemed as if you had always lived with me. When I came home from work, you were there. When I came home from social gatherings and parties, you were there. When I was happy you were there and when I was at my loneliest, you were there for me too. Always, no strings attached.


Then, a girl called Bren came along and the moment you two met, you accepted her. She seemed like a very nice cat person and before you knew it, all of a sudden you had two sisters and two brothers! It certainly must have been a big change in your life, going from just us two to such a big, furry family. But you accepted it and found your own place among this new setup. Storm always wanted to play with you, but you were clearly not interested. Medusa was a beautiful lady, but you two never got along that well. Blix became your best friend and eventually even your hubby! Finally, Mysty the leader of the pride, you always held in great regard and I think she taught you a fair deal of wisdom when she passed on.


A couple of years passed and then came a big move! All of a sudden you found yourself in a new apartment in Hilversum, but still with the same crew! The place was quite a bit smaller, but the view was so much better and since mom was so busy with her new business you could always find some way to help her and you ended up becoming her familiar. You weren’t just my shadow anymore, but you followed Bren everywhere she went. I think you learned a great deal from her when it came to witchcraft, crocheting and other handcrafts. But of course, you and Blixem continued your sunbathing rituals there as well, because relaxation is so important! Humans could probably learn a thing or two from cats when it comes to relaxing. And you never stopped being your crazy self, always making us laugh with your shenanigans! Or trying to steal our food from us, haha!

Bobbie & Blix

Time passed by and before we all knew it, almost a year had passed. But by June we started noticing you had several bumps close to your nipples and eventually, we had decided to let you undergo surgery. They removed the tumours then, but after about a week we got some really bad news from the surgeon. It was very likely that the cancer had already spread and the test results couldn’t have been any worse. At most it would be a matter of weeks, months, or maybe a year, but that was being positive.

Bobbie & Bren

Then we sadly had to move again and it was a very hectic time. We were gone to our new place a lot and the old apartment became emptier and emptier until it was time for you and the other kitties to move once again. You were recovering nicely and once you guys made it here it seemed as if you guys really liked this new apartment better. It even seemed as if you were healthier than ever and for a month, we were a happy family in our new apartment, like we had been before, of course!

Bobbie Medusa and Me

But a few days ago, you started to isolate yourself and mommy and me noticed. You just weren’t the same anymore and your breathing became erratic and heavy. On Saturday night you even seemed to have some sort of asthmatic attack, but mommy managed to stabilize you. Sunday we called the vet, asking for help and we sadly couldn’t take you there until today, early in the morning. We decided to make the best of the rest of Sunday and even treated you to your favourite meal, salmon. You only had a few bites, but we’re sure you appreciated the gesture.


This morning, it was clear that you had little fight left in you. We took you to the vet and I’ll never forget the sound you made. It wasn’t anywhere close to your cute little mews, but a heart wrenching cry for help. When you came into my life, I helped you through your first door and into a new life. Today, we helped you through your last door and I hope you’ll find peace and an endless supply of salmon there. They say no one’s ever truly gone, but most certainly never forgotten. Farewell, little girl, Bobbie, we love you. Always.

Jeffrey, Bren, Blixem, Storm & Medusa

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Jeffrey Debris is the author of the Shaedon Resurgence scifi trilogy. Besides being a writer he also enjoys video games, reading, music, and movies.

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