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The Green Dream is both a blog and a shop! We’re all about green living and love to write about it, sharing tips about sustainability, mental health and our creative efforts! In the shop we sell spiritual and witchy products, as well as upcycled and handmade items using sustainable methods and materials!

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About Us

We’re Bren & Jeffrey, a creative couple from the Netherlands. We live in a small, vintage, urban jungle apartment with our cats and are living a sustainable, low waste life. Our love for nature and the world’s beauty has put us on the path of green living and witchcraft. We constantly strive to learn new stuff and we love sharing all of this with you on our blog!

Besides the blog on this website, you will also find our shop, which contains all kinds of witchy, sustainable, upcycled and pre-loved goodies for you to explore. We hope you’ll enjoy everything our site has to offer!

Much magical love,

Bren & Jeffrey

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