Monday Musings, Week 2, 2022

Hello there lovely people! That first week of January and last week of my holiday flew by even when we’re still on “lockdown” here! That’s because last week we launched this new blog: The Green Dream and of course I also just relaxed for a bit. I spent some time playing videogames (what a surprise) and finally bought (and finished) The Last Campfire, a lovely little indie title that wasn’t long, but still a very enjoyable, rough, little gem. My review for it will come online later this week on my blog!

Monday Musings (2)

Last week we got the opportunity to do a little bit of thrift shopping too, although it was mostly online! We are frequent visitors to local thrift shops, always in search of little hidden gems, wicker baskets and plant pots. Last Thursday we heard that we could visit the depot of one of these shops to collect some items we ordered through “Click and Collect”. We ordered on Thursday and picked up our items on Friday. We ended up with quite a haul, including a super awesome wooden table. But more on all our great finds later this week when we do a spotlight post for this awesome thrift shop on the Green Dream! 🙂

Wooden Table

Isn’t this table just awesome? The rock plant was already in it too! Of course we gave it a lovely spot in our little urban jungle home!

The Green Dream is off to a great start

Last week we launched this new blog that is going to replace The Book Dragon’s Nook by May of this year. We have already posted a couple of blogs there and even renamed the Instagram for The  Book Dragon’s Nook to the new name. I also sat down to create a logo and it wasn’t hard to create something that both Bren and I thought was just perfect. Bren loves Yggdrasil, the tree of life and it’s a symbol that’s very important in witchcraft too. This is the logo for The Green Dream:

The Green Dream (Logo 2022)

What do you guys think?

Getting back to novel writing soon

If I want to finish the first Kevar novel this year, I’ll soon have to start making preparations to start actually writing again, so my focus this week will be on re-reading what I had already put on paper and then getting to the plotting for the first book. I’m currently thinking that if there’s going to be five novels in total, I’ll have to do some back-and-forth stuff between present and past to flesh out all of the main character’s story, but I’m not sure yet how I’m going to do it. The novels won’t be as big as they were for my trilogy, but the total number of pages for all five should come close to the trilogy. At least, that’s my current estimate. Who knows what will happen once I get started. More on that soon™!

Currently playing and reading

I’ve decided to track my gaming habits again on How Long To Beat. I’m currently playing a couple of games and I feel that Metroid: Samus Returns is nearing the end, so hopefully I’ll be able to complete it this week and write another long review. I’ve also finished the journey mode of Tetris Effect: Connected and a review for that is also due soon.

I’m also over halfway reading Earthshot and it really is an impressive book. One that shows the urgency of handling climate change, while keeping things in perspective and offering a positive outlook. The real message of the book is that we really need to act now if we want to live in a better world. I know we’re doing what we can, but it’s important that everyone starts making little shifts in their lifestyle to make it more sustainable.

So, lot’s of new blogs coming up and plenty of ideas for writing. January is off to a great start, which is good, because January usually feels like a very depressing month for most, but if you just keep yourself busy with fun stuff, it’ll be spring before you know it 😉 Hope you’re all going to have a great week!

Happy Monday!


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