Welcome to our new blog!

Happy new year everyone! Today Bren and I are proud to present to you our new blog:
The Green Dream

We’ve been discussing our blogging habits and what we want to focus on in the future these past few weeks and decided it was time to start a new blog that is about more than just books and all about our personal interests (among which are books, of course). The biggest difference with The Book Dragon’s Nook is also that we’ll be posting our blogs in English, so we can reach more people and hopefully inspire others with all of our articles! 🙂

The Green Dream

So, what is this blog all about?

Sustainability and the environment are very important to us and this blog is meant to better reflect our lifestyle and the things we want to write about. You can expect articles about greener living, plants and plant care, traditional green witchcraft, vegan recipes, book reviews (yes we’ll still be doing those, but only about books we choose to read ourselves), mindfulness practices, writing tips, our cats, and last, but not least geeky stuff! Because that’s just who we are 😉

What happens to your old blogs?

We are quitting The Book Dragon’s Nook when the subscription expires at the end of May 2022. We’ll still finish any reviews that were planned, but after that the domain will be cancelled and we’ll continue posting book reviews here instead. Jeffrey’s blog will still co-exist along this one, but there will probably be some cross-posting, as he loves writing about mindfulness practices, self-help and other subjects that fit this new blog.

It’s a brand new journey!

We hope you’re all as equally excited about our new blog as we are. We are really looking forward to writing and sharing all our new articles with you. One day we’re hoping to live in a tiny house and this blog will function as a journal of sorts of our journey. For now we’re focussing on creating our own “urban jungle” inside of our home and we’ll probably have a lot of stories to share! The blog might look a bit empty right now, but we’re just going to let it grow over this year. The first things on our To-Do list are creating a logo and fleshing out the site’s theme, but we thought it was better to just start blogging and filling out those details later! We’ll also be adding social media accounts soon, which will replace our Book Dragon’s Nook accounts.

Today is the start of a 365 page book

Next week we’ll share some of our new journals with you. We both got ourselves some new ones and there’s just nothing better than starting with a fresh journal at the start of the new year! 🙂

Please stay tuned for more and we hope you’ll enjoy our voyage on this new blog as much as we do creating the content for it! 🙂

Happy New Year! Happy New Blog!

Bren & Jeffrey

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