Monday Musings, Week 3, 2022

Hello there lovely people! It’s the third Monday of January and that means it’s Blue Monday today. Have you given up on your new year’s resolutions yet? I most certainly haven’t, well, that is to say, I never had any in the first place, although I have my ten annual goals, of course. I just don’t really see them as any new year’s resolutions and I think that’s the right mindset. If you really want to change your life and improve your health by dropping bad habits, which is what most resolutions involve, then you can change them starting today. All you have to do is make it a priority, sounds easy enough, right? 😉

Monday Musings (3)

No more “full” lockdown

Last Friday we heard that some of the current lockdown measures were going to be dropped, starting last Saturday. That means a lot of non-essential shops could finally open their doors again, after a month of being closed. I’m also very pleased that the gyms are open again. After a flying start in November of last year I was pretty bummed out that the gyms were closed as well. I’m glad I can go again, as I was really feeling the benefits of exercising and I’m going to step it up a little bit this week, by hitting the gym four times, up from three. By March I want to hit the gym every weekday and alternate between cardio/weight training, so that I won’t strain myself.

The Green Dream is coming together nicely

Bren and I are working on bringing together her current Etsy shop and this blog. This means that her shop will get a name change from Bren’s Crafty World to The Green Dream Shop. We believe that bringing everything together will just make it much easier to run things, because we use the same name for the blog and shop. Both the shop and blog will have separate Instagram pages, just like I still run my own writer’s/blogger’s page there, but the blog and shop will have the same web address, which should make it a lot easier to find either, or both. 😉

Blogging, blogging, blogging

This week is going to be another fun week for blogging, I think. This week I’ll finish my read of Earthshot meaning a review is due soon. I’ve also started growing my own mushrooms, which I think is pretty awesome! Besides all that I’ve also got some other ideas for other blogs and I’m working on details for my upcoming scifi novels about the Kevar. All in all, busy times, but fun busy 😉 I hope you’re all going to have a great week!

Happy Monday!


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