Monday Musings, Week 11, 2022

March is turning out to be an exciting month. Not only did I spend some time finally writing on a new novel again and sharing my thoughts and ideas for some major plot ideas with Bren, we also worked on putting a little bit of content on the new webshop of The Green Dream. By the end of this month, we’re hoping to have everything up and running, offering a wide selection of handmade items that Bren created to a large audience with shipping to a lot of different countries.

Writing and experiencing flow

Last Saturday Bren wanted to have a create night and she decided to craft some new jewelry and asked me what I wanted to do. While I wanted to join in on the sculpting with clay fun, I had a constant nagging feeling that I should really start writing on my new novel and decided to finally take some time to start, which I did. I put on my writing playlist, which consists of orchestral music without any vocals (or at least lyrics) and after getting over a hurdle that had seemed to be there for so long, I was finally writing again! First I penned down some basic plot ideas, then I sat down to actually write a short part of the third chapter of the novel. I checked when I had written the first two chapters and that had been somewhere in 2020! Although I did finish a novel in between, this really felt like coming home and I can’t wait to continue writing this story, which draws heavily on the current state of our real world. After all, most novels.

Monday Musings #11

Evaluating my 2022 goals

As I stated last week I want to review my annual goals, seeing as we’re reaching the end of the first quarter of the year. I’m quite happy about the progress I’ve made, but I have to do some serious evaluating to check if my goals are still all on track. The secret goal of proposing to Bren has been completed, so it’s 1 down, 9 to go 😛 Of course, I’ll share all of this on my blog, to give you all some insights into how I do this.

Stolen Focus

I’m currently listening to Stolen Focus by Johann Hari and it’s such a good book! Just like him, I feel that humanity is losing touch with themselves and how we always feel tired, disconnected, or even depressed by how life in the modern world is and how rushed everything is. This of course has inspired me to write a a couple of blogs on this subject, as I too feel that we need to find our focus and flow and stop being distracted. It’s such a struggle to find peace of mind for a lot of us and even though I have a good meditation and work-out cycle going, I too am subject to distractions, procrastination and the inability to focus on reading for longer than 10 minutes at a time. But I am working on it and I’ve made so much progress over the years, but it sure as hell isn’t easy.

Upcoming blogs

Long story short, this week I’m hoping to post a couple more blogs about focus, finding your flow and goal evaluating. I hope you’re all having a great week and hope you’ll give my blogs a read!

Happy Monday!


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